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Bulk uploading files to Rackspace Cloud Files

Recently I needed to upload around 28,000 images onto a cloud files container. This could be achieved by using CyberDuck, but that takes way too long to mass upload. What I ended up using was Turbolift.

Turbolift is built for speed and masses of files. It can scan a local directory for all files and upload them all into a container.

Installation (at least on a Mac) was very quick and painless. I simply followed their instructions and did the following in a terminal window:

git clone git://
cd turbolift
python install

One this had installed I changed directory to where the images are stored and did the following:

turbolift -u [Rackspace username] -a [Rackspace API Key] --os-rax-auth [Region] upload -s [Path to local files] -c [Container to use]

Once you run the command it will tell you when it is complete. You can then login to the control panel and get the URL for the container if it is CDN enabled. From this you can append the file name to it and get a publically accessible URL for each file.